Short films weekend from the International Festival of Independent Films 2morrow/Zavtra will take place October 16-18, 2015 at the Documentary film center (DFC).

For the first time, the International Festival of Independent Films 2morrow/Zavtra holds an event dedicated exclusively to short films. We have decided to create not just a program, but a whole short film weekend, bringing this form into the spotlight out of dark festival screenings, where it often cannot compete with popular feature films.

Yet, almost all the artists without whom it would be impossible to imagine today’s cutting-edge cinema tried on the role of film directors using the succinct form of a short film. Our Cult Directors. Beginnings program is dedicated to those early works. Short films can be a launchpad for future sensational debut films, highly acknowledged in Cannes, Sundance, and Locarno, as you will see in our Prototypes program. Consequently, those who are now only beginning their careers with short films, experimenting with genres, themes, styles, and forms, may soon become cult directors of their generation. This is what our Competition program is about.

There are many discussions about cinema education in Russia nowadays. In the 2010s, this phenomenon was emerging from inside the filmmaking world, with no orders from outside it. Russian film directors who have not yet become patriarchs, but continue exploring and experimenting, asking questions and demanding honest answers from themselves, felt the necessity of opening their own workshops and courses, in order to nurture the future Russian cinema in such laboratories. This is what our New Russian Cinema Workshops program is about.

Short films are no drafts or sketches, nor are they chapters taken out of the context. They are fully-fledged cinematic narratives, touching, scary, thoughtful, wonderfully frivolous, provocative, exciting, funny, or painful. This is what our weekend is about!

The team of the International Festival of Independent Films 2morrow/Zavtra
The short film form allows directors to experiment boldly and resourcefully with topics, structures, and language. That is why the Competition program of the weekend is diverse as much as possible: it encompasses documentary, live-action and experimental films; films that reflect basic principles of classical dramatic theory in a few minutes and those that refuse the narrative completely in favour of absolute freedom; films that touch upon a tragedy of a whole nation and those that tell honest personal stories of their authors.

The Competition program features new films by famous avant-garde directors, including Peter Tscherkassky, Ben Rivers, and a fashionable American director Matthew Porterfield, as well as the works of very young directors, main and parallel sections participants and award winners of the most important international film festivals in Cannes, Locarno, Venice, Melbourne, etc. Many films focus on the theme of coming of age, becoming mature and discovering and exploring oneself and the other through family drama, myth destruction, adventurous acts, first betrayals or, on the contrary, first important decisions. The invariable topic is the cinema itself, which directors sometimes try to bury in its past form, and sometimes try to save from oblivion and nurture it from scratch like their own child.

The Exquisite Corpus, dir. Peter Tscherkassky, Austria, 2015, 18 min.

Everything will be Okay \ Alles wird gut, dir. Patrick Vollrath, German, 2015, 30 min.

Maalu (A Fish), dir. Sanjay de Silva, Australia – Sri Lanka, 2014, 15 min.

Desintegration \ Desintegracion, Alvaro Martin, Spain, 2014, 11 min.

The Archaeologist, the Archive and the Alchemists \ L’archéologue, l’archive et les alchimistes, dir. Maxime Fuhrer, Belgium, 2014, 20 min.

October is Over \ Outubro Acabou, dir. Karen Akerman, Miguel Seabra Lopes, Portugal, 2015, 24 min.

Ten Buildings Away \ Asara Rehovot Mea Etsim, dir. Miki Polonski, 2015, 24 min.

Tarântula \ Tarantula, dir. Aly Muritiba, Marja Calafange, Brazil, 2015, 20 min.

Impression of a War \ La impresión de una guerra, Camilo Restrepo, Colombia, France, 2015, 26 min.

Art\ Arta, dir. Adrian Sitaru, Romania, 2014, 19 min.

Things, Ben Rivers, 2015, 20 min.

MMTP \ ММТП. Обмяк, dir. Mikhail Maximov, Russia, 2015, 15 min.

Dear Director, dir. Marcus Lindeen, Маркус Линдеен, Sweden, 2015, 14 min.

Take What You Can Carry, Matthew Porterfield, USA – Germany, 2015, 30 min.

The Roof Above Us \ O Teto Sobre Nos, игровой, dir. Bruno Carboni, Brazil, 2015, 22 min.

The winners of 2morrow Weekend competition program:
‘Art’ (dir. Adrian Sitaru, Romania, 2015) – Grand Prix
‘Disintegration’ (dir. Alvaro Martín, Spain, 2014) – Special Mention, for the political statement in ironic and experimental form.
‘Everything will be okay’ (dir. Patrick Vollrath, Germany, 2015) – Special Mention, for the authenticity of feeling and emotion on screen.

Cult Directors. Beginnings
The retrospective weekend program includes early short films by directors who became acknowledged artists in the mid and late 2000s and the early 2010s and defined the trends of contemporary cinema in many ways. These are the trends without which it is impossible to imagine today’s cinema: Lars von Trier’s dogmatic self-restrictions and manipulations of the spectator’s perception; Romanian reflection about people in post-soviet history; Austrian reserve and shrewd irony; Greek absurd; Lisandro Alonso’s meditativeness; Miguel Gomes’s no-holds-barred games; Apichatpong’s dreamlike visions. All the short films selected for the program were shot by the directors before their first important films that made the whole cinema world speak about them. These first steps show us that some directors chose their path right away and continued on it with confidence, and some began with something entirely different, unlike themselves in a nearby future, with methods and themes that they would later renounce to come up with new esthetic and ethical rules. Nevertheless, with the essential foundations laid down, they only had to continue.

Fit, dir. Athina Rachel Tsangari, 1994, 8 min.

Thirdworld, dir. Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Thailand, 1998, 17 min.

Cigarettes and Coffee \ Un cartus de kent si un pachet de cafea, dir. Christi Puiu, Romania, 2004, 13 min.

Moscow \ Москва, dir. Bakur Bakuradze, Dmitriy Mamuliya, Russia, 2007, 35 min.

Io non posso entrare, video, dir. Michelangelo Frammartino, 2002, 2 min.

The World’s Racing \ Il court… il court le monde, dir. Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne, Belgium, 1987, 10 min.

Blow Up My Town \Saute ma ville, dir. Chantal Akerman, Belgium, 1968, 13 min.

Flora, dir. Jessica Hausner, Austria, 1995, 25 min.

Dos en la vereda, dir. Lisandro Alonso, 1995, 4 min.

Autobiographical scene number 6882 \ SCEN NR: 6882 UR MITT LIV, dir. Ruben Östlund, Sweden, 2005, 9 min.

A Flower \ En Blomst, dir. Lars von Trier, Denmark, 1971, 7 min.

A Trip to the City \ Călătorie la oraş, dir. Corneliu Porumboiu, Romania, 2003, 19 min.

Christmas Inventory \ Inventario de Natal, dir. Miguel Gomes, 2000, 21 min.

Il Giardiniere Della Fiumara, dir. Alice Rohrwacher, Italy, 2006, 4 min.

The Prototypes short film selection has its own place in the retrospective program. It includes six short films that later grew into the most notorious and memorable debuts of the 2010s.

Two of them are the most important debuts in 2015 everyone is talking about: Mustang directed by Deniz Gamze Ergüven (its prototype is a short film called A Drop of Water) and László Nemes’s Son of Saul (its prototype is called With a Little Patience), now both nominated for Oscar representing France and Hungary respectively.

The program also features two most important debuts of 2014: Slaboshpytskyi’s The Tribe (its prototype is Deafness) and Party Girl directed by the trio Claire Burger, Samuel Theis and Marie Amachoukeli (its prototype is Forbach).

The selection also includes two debuts that won the Sundance competition and then got awards from all other international festivals in the beginning of the 2010s: Sean Durkin’s Martha Marcy May Marlene (its prototype is Mary Last Seen) and Benh Zeitlin’s Beasts of the Southern Wild (its prototype is Glory at Sea).

These artists chose such a path for various reasons. Some of them were already possessed by an idea, a story important to them, that they wanted to make into a feature film, but lacked courage, confidence, maturity, or budget. Others just made a short film that proved to be so important to them, and its characters or theme so interesting, that they could not bring themselves to say goodbye to them and move on to other subjects.

With a Little Patience \ Türelem, dir. László Nemes, Hungary, 2007, 13 min.

Une goutte d’eau\ A Drop of Water, dir. Deniz Gamze Ergüven, France, 2006, 19 min.

Forbach, dir. Claire Burger, France, 2008, 35 min.

Deafness \ Глухота, Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy, Ukraine, 2010 г., 11 min.

Mary Last Seen, dir. Sean Durkin, USA, 2010, 14 min.

Glory at Sea, dir. Benh Zeitlin, 2008, 25 min.

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